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Safe Havens Mapping Project

Funding Resources

Funding for safe haven pet programs

Below are funding sources for establishing safe havens for the pets of domestic violence survivors. There may be other sources of funding not listed here; if you please contact AWI at so we can add that information to our list.

Funding opportunities for starting or maintaining a Safe Haven for Pets of domestic violence victims

*NOW ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS: Department of Justice Office for Victims of Crime—Emergency and Transitional Pet Shelter and Housing Assistance

Description: Grants for shelter and transitional housing and other assistance to victims of domestic violence and their companion animals. Their materials indicate their goal to provide up to five awards of up to $500,000 each for a 36-month period. Applications typically open in April and end in June.

Qualifications: States and territories, units of local government, Indian tribes, any organization with a documented history of work on domestic violence, any organization with a documented history of work on promoting pet protection, and any other non-profit, NGO. Prohibited use of funds includes construction that involves the breaking of new ground, any activities that may endanger domestic violence survivors, require any mandatory services for survivors, or that a survivor obtains a protective order.

Application Requirements:

AKC Humane Fund—Women's Shelters Grant

Description: AKC Humane Fund offers Women’s Shelter Grants of up to $1000 per year for a maximum of three years. Grants are awarded for essential operational support relating to the housing of pets or capital improvements specifically for the housing and maintenance of pets.

Qualifications: Funding will only be awarded to either: 1.) Non-profit organizations providing temporary housing for survivors of domestic abuse and their pets or 2.) Non-profits providing temporary or permanent housing for pets and work closely with a DV organization providing shelter for survivors of domestic abuse. Grantees must follow a reporting process indicated by the AKC Humane Fund. AKC Grants may not be used for fundraising. Previous grantees may not reapply for an AKC grant if they have been a recipient twice in the five calendar year period following the application deadline.

Application Requirements:

Banfield Foundation—Safer Together Grants

Description: The Banfield Foundation offers Safer Together Grants of up to $15,000 to support programs that help the pets of domestic violence survivors with care and temporary shelter on-site at domestic violence shelters, animal shelters, with foster families, and/or boarding facilities. Funding can be awarded to the domestic violence shelter or to a non-profit housing the pets that have a formally established relationship with at least one non-profit domestic violence shelter. They provide funding to pet-friendly domestic violence shelters, animal shelters, boarding facilities, or foster care systems in order to help with veterinary care, temporary boarding, behavior training, and funding of dedicated animal care positions in support of pets. Applicants will be reviewed twice annually, throughout the months of March and September.

Qualifications: Up to $15,000 in grant money may be requested to fund only the following four programs: veterinary care, dedicated animal support specialists, temporary boarding, and behavior training. Organizations can only be approved for funding once a year. If you have been funded for the last two years, you will not be eligible for a third year of funding.

Application Requirements:

Red Rover—Safe Escape Grants

Description: Offers assistance to help support animals displaced by family violence. Safe escape grants pay for temporary boarding and/or veterinary care while a survivor is seeking shelter.

Qualifications: Applications are assessed on a case-by-case basis. Factors under consideration include urgency, financial need, and available funding. Eligible clients live in the US and currently coordinating or staying in a domestic violence shelter. Funds will not be allocated to domestic violence shelters that have received a Red Rover Safe Housing Grant and provide co-sheltering.

Application Requirements:

Red Rover—Safe Housing Grants

Description: Safe Housing Grants are up to $60,000 and intend to fund the development of a pet-friendly program in domestic violence shelters and animal welfare organizations. Funds may also be used for veterinary care and pet deposits.

Qualifications: Eligible applicants must be a registered nonprofit organization either working in the domestic violence sector or the animal welfare sector. In both cases, applicants must be pursuing services to help domestic violence survivors keep their pets. Grants may not be used to start a new organization, for real estate acquisition, travel, salaries, or to fund existing programs that are unrelated to expanding pet support programs.

Application Requirements:

Greater Good Charities—Rescue Rebuild

Description: Rescue rebuild creates pet-friendly spaces at selected organizations in order to keep survivors of domestic violence and their pets together. They assist with room conversions, kennel installations, shelter makeovers, play yard construction, and more. Costs of construction, volunteer costs, as well as travel and lodging costs will be covered by the Rescue Rebuild team.

Qualifications: Potential grantees are seeking support in the construction of temporary-emergency or long-term transitional housing. Rescue rebuild assists animal shelters, domestic violence shelters, homeless and veterans housing, and wildlife sanctuaries. Organizations must have a physical location owned by the organization in order to operate.

Application Requirements:

Funding directed at animal shelters but could assist animal shelters that partner with a domestic violence organization

American Humane—Meacham Foundation Memorial Grant

Description: Provides financial support of any amount up to $4,000 for agencies who want to expand or improve their animal sheltering facilities and resources. For example, equipment that positively impacts animals in shelter or kennel or cattery renovation.

Qualifications: Grant money must be directed towards improving the quality of care provided for animals in shelters. The money may not be used towards an agency’s operating budget, fundraising, routine maintenance, reducing deficits, or purchasing vehicles. Grantees must submit a report and photographic evidence of the completion of the project funded by the awarded grant money. A public display that acknowledges the award is required for all grantees. Grants will not be awarded to individuals, businesses, and corporations.

Application Requirements:

Greater Good Charities—Rescue Bank

Description: Rescue Bank provides food and supplies for pets in shelters across the U.S. and Puerto Rico. They provide a valuable resource for animal shelters that make space to support pets, including those impacted by domestic violence.

Eligibility: Rescue bank focuses on supporting less visible non-profits with limited access to resources like pet food and basic supplies.

Application Requirements:

Petco Love

Description: Petco aims to support non-profit animal organizations through the distribution of grants. All requests for support are to be submitted through their online application portal following the completion of an organizational profile. There is one grant cycle available per year and applicants may submit one proposal per grant cycle. Application periods can be found on their website.

Qualifications: Organizations with an annual intake of fewer than 250 animals who are not Petco adoption partners are not eligible. Eligibility for Petco Love grant awards requires an account on the partner portal as well as completion of their annual partnership report. Eligible animal welfare organization types include Non-profit organizations that are primarily foster-based rescue, non-profit or municipal agencies responsible for animal control sheltering, and non-profit, SPCA or Humane Society that performs adoptions. Please explore further details on qualifications here.

Application Requirements:

Find further details on application instructions here and further details on partner portal login here.

Rehoming pets of domestic violence survivors who have to relinquish their pets

American Humane—Second Chance Grants

Description: Funding of any amount up to $2000 for veterinary services at animal shelters and rescue groups in order to offset the costs of rescuing animals who are homeless or have faced cruelty and neglect. The intention is for animals involved to receive medical treatment and be successfully placed in new homes. For animal shelters working with DV organizations, these funds could be used in the case of a domestic violence survivor wanting to surrender a pet who was also a victim of abuse.

Qualifications: Funding is awarded on a case-by-case basis. Funds will only be distributed to animal sheltering agencies and rescue groups. Note - these funds are to be used to cover medical procedures for animals that have been abused or neglected only. This does not include routine medical procedures like vaccinations or heartworm testing. Spay/neuter costs may be an exception.

Application Requirements:

Hugs and Kisses Animal Fund Grant

Description: Hugs and Kisses Animal Fund works to finance “mom and pop” animal welfare organizations in the absence of a fundraising department. They focus on supporting organizations working on population control, animal therapy training, support of people with disabilities, as well as groups involved in the sheltering, rehabilitation, and rehoming process.

Qualifications: Grants are only offered to 501(c)(3) volunteer organizations with no administrative costs/salaries. You must be a certified non-profit group.

Application Requirements:

Paws for Love Foundation

Description: Paws for love is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that offers grants of up to $500 for organizations that are dedicated to improving the welfare of unwanted and abused animals.

Qualifications: Funds are exclusively distributed to animals within a non-profit rescue or shelter program and will ultimately enter the adoption process. Eligible groups must reside in CA, OR, WA, ID, NV, AZ, NM, UT, CO, MT & WY. There is no funding available for personal pets - they must be available for adoption. Applicants may receive a maximum of two grants per calendar year.

Application Requirements:

Mary Kay Foundation—Domestic Violence Shelter Grant Program

Description: Grants are awarded every October in observation of Domestic Violence Awareness Month. In 2018, $3 million in grant funds was awarded to over 150 domestic violence shelters. Applications are available each year from January 15 to April 30.

Qualifications: Interested organizations must create a GrantsConnect account in order to access the shelter grant applications. Links to the online application and GrantsConnect portal can be found on the program website.

Application Requirements:

Further application details can be found on the program website.

For veterinarians

Veterinary Care Foundation Funding Opportunities

Description: The Veterinary Care Foundation helps fund discounted and no charge care to hardship cases - including support to pets of families in crisis. Participating organizations establish a charitable account upon VCF membership approval and payment of annual fees. Direct links to the charitable account can be promoted on social media or the practice’s website to prompt donations. All donations are 100% tax-deductible.

Qualifications: Funding recipients must be members of the Veterinary Care Foundation and pay annual fees.

Application Requirements:

Veterinary Care Charitable Fund

Description: The Veterinary Care Charitable Fund provides veterinarians with the option to offer charitable veterinary services to clients who are unable to pay. Participating veterinarians offer services to animals in real need, particularly victims of abuse. AVMF acts as a “charitable umbrella” that accepts and disperses donations directly to participating veterinarians for charitable care.

Qualifications: Interested veterinarians must enroll in the AVMF Veterinary Care Charitable Fund. Enrollment is free. Veterinarians that are affiliated with a corporate entity with an established non-profit foundation are not eligible to enroll.

Application Requirements:

There may be other sources of funding not listed here; if you please contact AWI at so we can add that information to our list.